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Clinical Trials

Clinical research is an important mechanism of increasing medical knowledge, advancing veterinary practice, and improving animal health by bringing the very newest medical discoveries to the patient as soon as safely possible.

The North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine routinely participates in clinical trials that involve a wide range of diseases. Our studies are open to current patients of the Veterinary Hospital as well as new patients. We are continually beginning new clinical trials and recruiting patients for upcoming trials.


  • Principal Michael W. Nolan
  • NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine is looking for dogs diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma for a new clinical trial evaluating ultrasound-mediated tumor oxygenation. This minimally invasive technology will deliver oxygen to tumor tissue during radiation treatment. This will enhance tumor radiation sensitivity and may increase tumor response.
  • A complete staging work-up will be performed, and patients will be treated with standard of care radiation therapy on 5 consecutive days. 4 follow-up visits will be required. Total participation will last about 6 months.
  • Contact: Jocelyn Burkit:

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