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Research Lab- Department of Clinical Sciences 

Ocular Immunology, Toxicology, and Drug Delivery

The laboratory studies the mechanisms and treatment of ophthalmic diseases.  We have three main areas of ongoing research: ocular inflammation and immunology, ocular pharmacology, toxicology, and drug delivery, and ocular imaging.

Activity in these areas include:

NC State CVM Dr. Brian Gilger conducting and equine ocular exam  

Ocular Inflammation and Immunology

  • Diseases studied include uveitis, glaucoma, keratitis, and dry eye
  • Current projects include:
    • studies involving chronic recurrent inflammation in the eye, specifically in eyes with naturally occurring models of uveitis, such as equine recurrent uveitis
    • characterization and treatment of immune-mediated keratitis,
    • studies of the immunologic basis of infectious keratitis, especially fungal keratitis
    • evaluation of in vitro and in vivo models of ocular disease
    • characterization of ocular surface immunology in diseases such as naturally occurring keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eye) before and after treatment

Ocular Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Drug Delivery

  • Multiple ongoing studies provide greater insight into how drugs are deposited and metabolized in the eye, and what effects they exert in treatment of diseases.
  • Development of sustained release drug delivery delivery devices, gels, polymers, including nanoparticles.
  • Projects include:
    • the development and evaluation of sustained ocular drug delivery devices for the treatment of immune-mediated diseases of the eye. Several medications have been evaluated and developed for use in horses, including the cyclosporine drug delivery device.
    • evaluation of mechanisms for sustained drug delivery for treatment of glaucoma
    • ocular pharmacology of suprachoroidal drug delivery
    • ocular pharmacology of ocular anti-fungal drugs
    • ocular pharmacology of anti-inflammatory drugs
    • evaluation of an ex vivo ocular perfusion model to study ocular pharmacokinetics
    • microbubble contrast enhanced ultrasonic drug delivery
    • ocular gene therapy

Ocular Imaging

  • Imaging of normal and disease ocular conditions is vital to our understanding and teaching of such conditions, and helps us follow individual patients to maximize treatment of disease conditions.
  • Ongoing projects involving ocular imaging include:
    • the use of high frequency ocular ultrasound and contrast ocular ultrasound to help improve our understanding of effects of glaucoma on the eye, as well as to continually redefine ocular parameters necessary to improve our understanding of vision in domestic animals
    • use of the RetCamII ocular imaging system to perform advanced imaging of the ocular posterior segment and iridocorneal angle
    • use of optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) to provide high resolution imaging of the ocular surface and the retina to accurately assess ocular disease

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