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What makes NC State Veterinary Medicine a great Research Partner?

At the NC State CVM we are leaders in clinical and translational research. We have key opinion leaders in more than 25 specialties and subspecialties and a diverse breadth of clinical and basic research. The NC State Veterinary Hospital sees over 30,000 cases per year and has long standing collaborative research relationships with the medical schools at Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Wake Forest.

We are faculty, staff and students that are driven to improve animal and human health care at the bench and in the clinic, every day. We publish approximately 250 peer reviewed publications/year, file 15-20 invention disclosures and are awarded more than 200 new proposals/year.

Trial Support Services:

Lab Animal Resources (LAR) is responsible for providing housing and support for a variety of research animals. We are committed to assuring the well-being of experimental animals and providing services that enable researchers to collect quality data to further their research goals. The Central Procedures Laboratory is a support service center within LAR that provides surgical, procedural, and veterinary technical support to facilitate your research needs.

Biostatistician James Robertson:

Our biostatistician James Robertson applies statistical methods to a wide range of topics, encompassing the design of biological experiments, the collection and analysis of data and the interpretation of the results. Roberston will assistant CVM researchers on myriad biomedical research projects. For example, if a study compares the effects of a drug on a group suffering from a certain disease with another group suffering from the same disease that did not receive the drug, a statistical comparison between the groups would show if the drug had been beneficial.

Contract Support:

When you are ready to move to the clinic, we have developed an infrastructure that allows for a special clinical trials F&A rate of 28%. Our pre-award specialists, Jeneal Leone and Camilla May will help work through the campus agreements with you and make sure they are moving expediently through campus.

Jeneal Leone

An additional NC State College of Veterinary Medicine support program allows us to provide a lower rate for hospital services for research trials funded by external partners.

Finally, we have a clinical studies core of trained veterinary technicians to help recruit cases and move your studies forward. The NC State CVM has REDCAP as an electronic data base for clinical studies case management.

Clinical Trials and Translational Research Pavilion

We are very excited to start work on a new Clinical Trials and Translational Research Pavilion. This area will include about 9,000 square feet of space specifically designed for leveraging our clinical expertise and caseload for both discovery and implementation of new medical and surgical interventions.

The pavilion will provide a modern, comfortable and transparent space for clients to wait while their pets are participating in clinical trials, laboratories and infrastructure for mining clinical data and a meeting space with modern technology to collaborate with industry partners through video conferencing. Would you like to help us design this program or learn more about our progress? Please feel free to contact me: