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Students Recipients of AASV Scholarship Awards

Three NC State students representing the Department of Population Health and Pathobiology in the College of Veterinary Medicine are recipients of scholarship awards from the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV).

The three are recognized for their leading presentations during the student research competition at the association’s annual March meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

Kristy Kenny (Class of 2013) received a $1,500 scholarship award in the oral competition for her presentation, “Validation of Swiffer® Cloth-Origin Neutralizing Broth Samples for Detection of PRRS Virus in the Environment.”

Kenny’s research explained how a sampling technique involving a Swiffer® Cloth can serve as a sensitive tool for the detection of PRRS–Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome in the environment. PRRS is considered the most economically significant disease in the U.S. swine industry.

Lisa Thompson (Class of 2012) and Josh Duff (Class of 2014) each received $450 scholarship awards in the poster competition.

Thompson presented a poster entitled, "Gilty Secrets: Preliminary Trends from a Gilt Retention Cohort Study” that showed how observable attributes of gilts (young female pigs) as they enter the sow herd can influence subsequent reproductive performance and musculo-skeletal soundness. Thompson’s research findings could be used as an industry management tool to select young female pigs with the best potential for reproductive health. 

Josh Duff (Class of 2014) presented a poster entitled, “Field Evaluation of an Avirulent Live Haemophilus parasuis vaccine.”  Duff’s research determined the efficacy of a commercial vaccine for Haemophilus parasuis, an economically important pathogen in nursery and grow-finish pigs. This research demonstrated that the commercial vaccine did not influence mortality or growth rate of pigs in this study. 

Based in Perry, Iowa, the AASV has approximately 1,300 members involved in practice, industry, and academia in more than 40 countries.

Posted March 28, 2011