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Thank you for sending your consultation request to the NC State Veterinary Hospital

This information will be routed to the Service that you requested. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible. This will generally be within 48 hrs of submission. If you have not had a response within that time, please call the Service directly. Because consults are often addressed at the end of the day, please provide contact information for the late evening, if possible.

If you need urgent advice, please call the Service directly:

  • Cardiology Phone: 919.513.6694
  • Dermatology 919.513.6543
  • Equine Medicine Phone: 919.513.6630
  • Internal Medicine 919.513.6670
  • Neurology 919.513.6692
  • Oncology 919.513.6690
  • Ophthalmology 919.513.6659
  • Orthopedics 919.513.6588
  • Soft Tissue 919.513.6050