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NC State Trademark Usage |

CVM Communications encourages registered student groups to associate with and promote the colleges/departments/programs they are associated with and at the same time follow the NC State brand guidelines and trademark policies.

Overarching objectives of the policies are to:
  1. Promote the  proper use of Trademarks by student groups and departments.
  2. Promote student groups by co-branding the student group with the University/College trademarks.
  3. Have clarity between what a university department is producing vs a student group.
  4. Any group using NC State’s trademarks on any merchandise must use a licensee, have the design pre-approved, and the licensee pay a nominal trademark royalty fee of 5%.  This applies whether the item is sold, given away, or used in a promotion. Trademark royalty revenue goes 100% to student scholarships.

Note: Approved Trademark Apparel is available to purchase here.

Click on the titles below to expand the instructional information specific to your group, organization, or department.

For Student Groups

Keep in mind:

  • Only student groups recognized and in good standing by the Student Involvement office are allowed to use NC State trademarks. Note: The University and college names are trademarked.
  • The student organization’s full name must be on the product. Acronyms should be used in conjunction with full name.
  • Permission to use NC State trademarks on the product is predicated on the concept that you’re promoting your organization at NC State (not that you’re creating a design to compete with commercial product at retail.) Using “Club”, “Student Chapter”, or “at NC State” are good ways to make that distinction.
  • Avoid the”NCSU” acronym.
  • If using the NC State brick logo, remember to separate from graphics or illustrations. (Logo would be on the front and graphic on the back.)

Examples of usage:

More Like:

Christian Veterinary Mission at NC STATE

Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association at NC State

Less Like:

NCSU Christian Veterinary Mission


Trademark Use Request Process:

  • Read through the Student Use page and be sure that all of the guidelines are understood.
  • Please check the Primary Spirit Marks page and Wordmark Guidelines page to make sure that your design utilizes the marks correctly.
  • Choose an approved vendor from our licensee flip book or list. Licensed vendors have agreed to abide by fair labor code-of-conduct, have indemnified the university, and are familiar with the trademarks and school colors.
  • Complete the Trademark Use Request Form. Please provide adequate time for approvals, revisions if necessary, and resubmitting for approval (around 5-7 business days).

CVM Specific Information:

  • Please check the Approved Logos page to make sure that your design utilizes the correct CVM logo.
  • House system logos are trademarked and cannot be used by student clubs.

Unrecognized Student Groups:

  • You are not allowed to use the university/college trademarks with your products unless you are a registered student group.
  • You can find registration guidelines at the Student Involvement website.
  • CVM House Clubs are supported by CVM Administration and are not eligible for registration.
  • Please contact for additional questions.

For CVM Departments and Labs

  • College departments and labs are permitted to use university/college marks in accordance with the university’s brand book.
  • Official university business is defined as situations that indicate university ownership, including but not limited to publications and other documents (stationary, signage, advertising for the department/labs’s services, equipment and supplies and websites. All such uses must be in accordance with any other applicable university policy, such as that regarding websites, vendors, and the creation of new logos.
  • The brand book includes links to download presentations, stationery, the NC State University “brick logo” and more.
  • University Communications is the gatekeeper of NC State’s branding.
  • Additional CVM related support materials, logos and services are available at

Examples and Visuals

Example 1: Approved T-shirt for WAAZM – Wildlife, Avian, Aquatics and Zoological Medicine Club

T-shirt example

 WAAZM is a student organization in good standing with the Student Involvement office

 WAAZM’s full organization name is on the product.

 The NC State logo was on the front of the shirt, separated from the graphic on the back.


Example 2: Cowabunga Shirt Approval Process

This design was not approved.

 SCAABP is a student organization in good standing with the Student Involvement office

Trademarked brick logo is part of the overall graphic. Note: the logo should always standalone.

 The student organization’s full name is not on the product and an acronym, (SCAABP) is used.

 NC State brand fonts and colors are not being used. If using a NC State trademarked logo, all brand policies should be followed.

It’s important to note that this specific t-shirt was not being sold to fundraise for the student club. It was provided at cost to participants. 

 View the approved version of this design.

Example 3: Class of 2020 Shirt Approval Process

Front of t-shirt. This design was not approved.

 The Rod of Asclepius symbol and Vet Medicine with the use of the outline of the state is not allowed per trademark policies. It dilutes NC State’s branding and causes confusion with the public. In this case, if the outline of the state would have been removed it would have been okay.

 The outline of the state of North Carolina clearly ties back to NC State and Wolfpack and therefore is not allowed. Historical and legacy logos of the CVM are not available to use.

 There is no registered student group name on the shirt. Only registered student groups can use NC State trademarks.  Class of 2020 is not a registered group with Student Involvement.

Back of shirt. This design was not approved.

The word “Pack” is considered a common law trademark if it’s use is in a context that clearly ties back to NC State and Wolfpack.

 Reference graphics to the NC State CVM house system and house names were used for this design. House system graphics fall under NC State trademarks and are not available for merchandise sales.

 The vendor used for this order, Underground Printing, is not licensed to sell products with NC State trademarks to Student groups/Departments.