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Treatment of feline lymphocytic lymphoma/inflammatory bowel disease complex (FLL/IBD): A novel approach for managing the cat who’s impossible to pill

Principle Investigator

Tracy Gieger


Cats referred to NC State for assessment of chronic GI disease are eligible for initial screening. Cats treated with steroids or chemotherapy and cats that have been on hypoallergenic diet trials starting within 30 days of referral will be excluded. Your cat must have had general heath screening bloodwork (CBC and chemistry panel; ideally, also a T4/thyroid panel and urinalysis) within 60 days of referral that does not reveal underlying diseases that could adversely affect your cat’s lifespan or ability to undergo anesthesia. If your cat meets these criteria, he/she may be enrolled in the study and undergo intestinal biopsies. If the biopsies confirm FLL/IBD, your cat would be eligible for treatment on-study (low-dose abdominal cavity RT).

Testing Requirements

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Tracy Gieger, DVM
Clinical Professor of Radiation Oncology
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Radiology (Specialty of Radiation Oncology)
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Specialties of Oncology and Internal Medicine)

Phone (oncology service front desk): (919) 513-6690

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