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We provide leadership and strategic direction for NC State Veterinary Medicine’s overall Web presence and online communications. We operate the college’s core website as well as the NC State Veterinary Hospital website, in addition to several other sites that support the colleges’s strategic marketing and communication goals. We partner with CVM IT and university OIT to assist with any web need you have.

Web Services

CVM Communications would like to partner with you to create an on-brand website that will help you achieve your goals. NC State has many options depending on your need. CVM services include consultation, in-house web services, or vendor management and selection.

No Cost Options

CVM templated research lab sites: 

Google Sites- Internal

Free WordPress Blogs

  • We have a free WordPress service available to all students, faculty, and staff at the CVM.
  • Dozens of themes to choose from. Common uses include, research group websites, personal portfolios, and faculty blogs.

In the above examples, you write all the content, (unless you’d like help!), and we’ll do the layout and schedule photo shoots, etc. Updates happen every morning before 9am and requests for changes are completed within 48hrs, depending on the complexity of the request.


At Cost Options

There are a number of fee-based services to facilitate the creation and management of lab/research web sites. In addition, we can assist with presentation design, accessibility solutions, site architecture, and process solutions that works for you and your lab.

Your ultimate choice of website hosting options depends on what type of site you have, how you plan to use the site, data storage requirements, need for specialized capabilities, etc. Costs will vary depending on the scope of work.

Web Service Options:

CVM Communications offers premium WordPress services available to faculty and research groups at the CVM. This is a centrally-managed environment designed to support more robust web requirements than are available in the free options listed above.

Visit the sites below to see themes in action:

Theme Demo Sites

Vendor Web Service Option:

You can hire freelancers that work within the University brand. We have several contacts to vendors that we can share with you once we have an understanding of what you are looking for. Coordination at the CVM between the site owner, CVM IT, CVM Marketing/Comms, OIT, and the chosen vendor are typically involved.

Ideally these discussions transpire prior to submitting individual domain requests to a vendor.

Please contact Mike Charbonneau before you contact an external vendor or set up a domain name.


Outside the University not onbrand:

This is the last option because it is not on brand and is outside the scope of the University. We do not assist in these sites, we also do not promote as part of the college. NC State prefers that the brand logo not be used.