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Exotic Animal Services 

We provide state-of-the-art care for your feathery, finned or scaly friends. Our exotic animal experts offer primary care and see referral cases.

State-of-the-Art Care for Exotic Animals 

Exotic Animal Medicine has access to all diagnostic laboratories and specialty services available at the Veterinary Hospital including: Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Radiology/imaging, Ophthalmology, and Critical care. Our specialists are experts in a wide range of exotic animals. The patients we see include:

  • A variety of caged birds,(parrots and finches), as well as raptors used for Falconry, pigeons and backyard poultry
  • Small mammals like gerbils, ferrets, hedgehogs, rabbits and sugar gliders
  • Nonvenomous reptiles and amphibians such as turtles, snakes, lizards, toads, and frogs
  • Fishes
  • Invertebrates ranging from coral to tarantulas



Please note that the service does not see wildlife, venomous reptiles, primates, or large carnivores.

After-hours emergency services are available for all veterinary hospital clients. Weekday emergencies will be accommodated for existing clients and efforts will be made to accommodate new clients whenever possible.


Specialty Clinics

Backyard Chicken

Avian Patients

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Small Mammal

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Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Invertebrates

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Appointments, Referrals and Resources

Appointment Guidelines

The Exotic Animal Medicine Service is available to the general public and welcomes referral cases.

We strive to provide a safe and caring environment for your pet bird, small mammal, reptile, amphibian, fish, or invertebrate. We ask that you arrive with your pet in a carrier; this will help keep them safe from other animals that may be in the lobby, and will help reduce stress. We also ask that you bring a sample of your pet’s diet to your appointment. Upon check-in, you and your pet will be escorted into an exam room where someone will talk with you about your animal’s lifestyle, diet, and current and previous medical concerns.

The Exotic Animal Medicine Service at NC State University does not accept wildlife of any kind. The NCSU Turtle Rescue Team can be contacted regarding the rescue and rehabilitation of wild reptiles and amphibians. If you have found a wild animal that you believe is injured or orphaned, please contact a wildlife rehabilitator for instructions about safe capture and transport from the organizations listed here:

  • CLAWS, Inc., located just outside of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 919-544-3330, CLAWS, Inc.
  • Wildlife Welfare, Inc. (triangle-based group of independent wildlife rehabilitators), 919-619-0776, Wildlife Welfare (website and phone line have useful information)
  • Carolina Raptor Center, Huntersville, NC, 704-875-6521,
  • Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina, (look up NC rehabilitators by county and species they work with).
  • NCSU Turtle Rescue Team (wild turtles, snakes, lizards and amphibians only), 919-982-5923,

Additional resources may also be found at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine’s website.