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Learn how we advocate and advance feline health at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine through innovative research and exceptional educational programs.

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Research Connection: Advancing Testing and Treatment of Feline Chronic Kidney Disease with Dr. Shelly Vaden

Dr. Vaden’s scholarly and clinical activity has primarily involved diseases of the kidney and lower urinary tract of dogs and cats. In this interview, we spoke to her specifically about Chronic Kidney Disease in cats. Unfortunately, this disease is quite common, especially in older cats, and can do irreversible damage. Dr. Vaden and colleagues are researching and discovering new ways to diagnose and treat CKD, which is paramount to the comfort and quality of life of affected cats. Dr. Vaden also recently became president-elect of the new American College of Veterinary Nephrology and Urology (ACVNU), which will be able to apply for permanent status after four years. Her dedication and research have been integral in the advancement of these fields of study.

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