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The mission of the pharmacy parallels the ultimate fourfold purpose of the NC State Veterinary Hospital: patient care, education, research, and community service. As a support service of the hospital, our primary existence and function are based on concern for patient care. The pharmacy staff shows the highest regard for the patients they serve by providing and ensuring the most effective, safe, and economic drug therapy possible. We are committed to being a trusted, valued, and respected component of the NC State Veterinary Hospital.



Practitioner Prescribing Program

In order to facilitate care of the referred patients of the North Carolina veterinary practitioner community, the NC State VH Pharmacy allows referring veterinarians to enroll in a Practitioner Prescribing Program. This program gives prescribing privileges to referring veterinarians to write prescriptions for referred patient cases that have been evaluated at the NC State Veterinary Hospital. By providing a current copy of your state Veterinary Medical Board license and a faxed prescription with the NC State Veterinary Hospital Patient case number, needed medications may be dispensed to your patients.  If you are a referring veterinarian and would like to enroll in this program, please use the “sign up” button below.  Under emergency circumstances, the NCSU Pharmacy is allowed to provide small quantities of medications directly to NC licensed veterinarians in bona fide emergencies where immediate harm or suffering will result without needed treatment. We are not allowed to ship medications to clients outside of the state of North Carolina.

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The NC State VH Pharmacy staff accepts 30 pharmacy students annually in a veterinary medicine externship.