Small Animal Services: Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Dental disease can have a serious impact on the quality of life and health of our pets. NC State’s Dentistry and Oral Surgery team offer a range of treatment specialties from oral hygiene lessons and expert opinion on common oral conditions to advanced endodontics and Orofacial surgery.

The most common advanced procedures include saving teeth with root canal treatment, complex periodontal treatment including gingival flap procedures, complicated and risky tooth extractions, jaws and palate repair, oncologic surgery and managing systemically-compromised patients.

We work in constant and close collaboration with specialists from other hospital services including Anesthesiology, Oncology, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Exotics and Emergency & Critical Care to provide the most complete and comprehensive care for your pet.

Strong teeth, dog dental hygiene

Department Specialties

  • Periodontal Disease: Scaling and polishing to bone augmentation, periodontal flaps
  • Endodontic Disease: Standard and advanced endodontic therapy
  • Oral Surgery: Treating traumatic lesions, congenital lesions, and neoplasia
  • Exodontia: Simple and complex extractions to treat diseased teeth
  • Oral Surgery: Treating traumatic lesions, congenital lesions, and neoplasia
  • Exodontia: Simple and complex extracti0ons to treat diseased teeth
  • Orthodontics: Treating painful and traumatic malocclusions
  • Restoratives: Crowns for damaged teeth, restore carious lesions or enamel defects
  • Oral radiography: Supporting diagnostic and therapeutic plans
  • Emergencies: Treating jaw fractures, avulsed teeth, fractured teeth, oral lacerations, management of chronic and unusual oral diseases.

Frequently Asked and Resources

Appointment Guidelines

The Dentistry service is a referral-only service. Once the primary veterinarian calls and sets up the referral, the owner may call and arrange an appointment. If the patient has been seen by our service recently, owners may call directly to set up an appointment.

If your primary veterinarian detects a significant disease or problem, the dental veterinary specialist at the NC State Veterinary Hospital will examine the pet, discuss the best treatment options and—in conjunction with the pet’s primary veterinarian—will eliminate the pet’s discomfort and improve their quality of life.