Small Animal Services: Reproduction

The Theriogenology and Reproductive Medicine Service at the VH offers clients and referring veterinarians consultation and services in reproductive medicine. The foundation of our expertise is veterinary obstetrics, gynecology and male reproduction. NC State College of Veterinary Medicine is one of few universities with an established program and ongoing research in canine fertility/pregnancy.

Clinicians within our service are specialized in areas such as reproductive surgery, ultrasonography, and advanced reproductive techniques like embryo transfer and in vitro fertilization.

Department Specialties

  • Timed c-sections
  • After-hours Emergency Service
  • Newborn care
  • Infertility, male and female
  • Pregnancy diagnosis/ maintenance
  • High-Risk Pregnancy management
  • Trans-cervical insemination
  • Routine breeding services including AI, progesterone testing, and shipping cooled semen
  • Whelping/Dystocia Assistance
  • Workup of kennel problems
  • Diagnosis and management of reproductive diseases

Appointments, Referrals and Resources

Appointment Guidelines

The Theriogenology & Reproductive Medicine Service is available to the general public and welcomes referral cases.