Urgent update: Please call before bringing any animals or referring any cases to the hospital. We are extremely short staffed at this time. Consults are particularly limited for the next two weeks.

Contact Information


We offer world-class Emergency and Critical Care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at the Small Animal Emergency clinic. We understand that pet emergencies are stressful and upsetting; our experienced team is here to help with knowledge and compassion.

If you have a pet who needs to be seen after hours, please contact our Small Animal Emergency Service at 919-513-6911 or our Large Animal Emergency Service at 919-513-6630 for assistance.

General Contact Information

Referring Veterinarians: Consults and referrals can be requested online, by phone or by fax. These are picked up during normal business hours Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. Please click here for information.

Pharmacy: If you are looking for our pharmacy department, please click here.

Full Contact Information

Clinical Service Phone Number Fax Number E-mail
Behavioral Medicine 919.513.6999 919.513.6905 NCStateVetbehavior@ncsu.edu
Cardiology 919.513.6694 919.513.6712 NCStateCardiology@ncsu.edu
Clinical Studies Core 919.513.2633 919.513.6680 ccmtr_csc@ncsu.edu
Dentistry and Oral Surgery 919.513.6999 919.513.6905 NCStateDentistry@ncsu.edu
Dermatology 919.513.6543 919.513.6563 NCStateDermatology@ncsu.edu
Emergency & Critical Care 919.513.6911 919.513.6836 N/A
Equine Medicine 919.513.6630 919.513.6717 NCStateEquineMedicine@ncsu.edu
Equine Health Center @ Southern Pines 910.692.8773 910.692.1860 NCStateEquineHealthCenter@ncsu.edu
Equine Ophthalmology 919.513.6659 919.513.6711 NCStateOphthalmology@ncsu.edu
Equine Surgery 919.513.6630 919.513.6717 NCStateEquineSurgery@ncsu.edu
Exotic Animal Medicine- (Avian) 919.513.6999 919.513.6905 NCStateExotics@ncsu.edu
Farm Animal 919.513.6616 919.513.6717 N/A
Family & Community Services 919.513.3901 N/A NCStateVetFCS@ncsu.edu
Internal Medicine 919.513.6670 919.513.6713 NCStateInternalMedicine@ncsu.edu
Medical Records 919.513.6521 919.513.6225 NCStateMedicalRecords@ncsu.edu
MRI Scan 919-513-7226 919-513-8838 NCStateVetMRI@ncsu.edu
Neurology & Neurosurgery 919.513.6692 919.513.6714 NCStateNeurology@ncsu.edu
Nutrition 919.513.6999 919.513.6905 NCStateVeterinaryNutrition@ncsu.edu
Oncology: Medical & Radiation 919.513.6690 919.513.6669 NCStateOncology@ncsu.edu
Ophthalmology 919.513.6659 919.513.6711 NCStateOphthalmology@ncsu.edu
Orthopedic Surgery 919.513.6588 919.513.6715 NCStateOrthopedics@ncsu.edu
Pharmacy 919.513.6570 919.513.6571 NCStatePharmacy@ncsu.edu , Online Refill Request
Rehabilitation 919.513.6999 919.513.6905 NCStateRehabilitation@ncsu.edu
Small Animal & Equine Reproduction/Therio 919.513.6999 919.513.6905 NCStateTheriogenology@ncsu.edu
Soft Tissue & Oncologic Surgery 919.513.6050 919.513.6715 NCStateSoftTissue@ncsu.edu
Vector Borne Disease Lab 919.513.8279