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Now Enrolling Dogs with Bladder Cancer

Principal Investigator

Dr. Michael Mastromauro


NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine is enrolling in a clinical trial to investigate if a probiotic can improve cancer care and outcomes in dogs with bladder cancer. This is a placebo-controlled study, not all dogs will receive the probiotic, but all dogs will receive
chemotherapy (vinblastine/piroxicam).

Testing Requirements

Dogs who are strongly suspected of having urothelial carcinoma by the referring veterinarian. All cases will be biopsy confirmed following initial screening.

Enrollment Start


Enrollment Finish



• Cancer must be primarily located within the bladder.
• Female dogs must weigh at least 6kg.
• Male dogs must weigh at least 10kg.
• Complete blood count and serum chemistry without clinically significant abnormalities, as determined by a veterinarian.


• No history of chronic GI or skin problems
• No recent use of antibiotics, H2 blockers, or proton pump inhibitors (3 weeks)
• Not on any diet/treat containing probiotics within the past 3 weeks
• Not on a raw diet within the past 3 weeks
• No history of chemotherapy or radiation

Think your dog may be eligible? Click the link below.




Ashley Fuhrer