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CVM Email Lists

Umbrella Lists

To communicate with everyone at the CVM use the 5 umbrella lists below

Department Lists

CVM Administration (ask Gwen Mc how to contact her)

Department of Clinical Sciences

Molecular Biomedical Sciences

Population Health and Pathobiology

Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Laboratory Animal Resources

Contact Computing Resources ( for assistance in creating Email Lists/Google Groups and/or Google Generic accounts.

Disclaimer: Email List use is subject to the NC State University rules and regulations of broadcast email (8.00.2 regulation). Please use lists for professional matters only. You are urged to avoid using the lists unless you are trying to communicate vital information to the entire CVM or certain CVM groups. Please communicate directly with individuals (faculty, staff, or friends) and make your own address book entries for frequent email partners. Email lists are not to be used for advertising such as for roommates, pet adoptions or items for sale.