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Welcome to CVM IT

Critical to the College of Veterinary Medicine’s role in providing a high quality education is a dependence upon a robust and reliable computing infrastructure.  Access to a wealth of current, accurate information and an assortment of useful software are just a few of the things CVM IT provides to students, staff and faculty.

In this site we have attempted to compile a comprehensive collection of pertinent information regarding computing services at the CVM.The CVM Community as part of the University must follow all policies, regulations and rules (PRRs) set forth by the University.

Cisco AnyConnect VPN

The CVM is unique to NCSU in that in addition to being a veterinary medicine educational institution we are also a world-renowned research facility and a state-of-the-art teaching veterinary hospital. These three differentiating strategic pillars require CVM IT to have some elevated security considerations which may require you to authenticate into select websites and web applications using user credentials and/or the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client – particularly if you are not on the CVM campus.

If you are affiliated with NC State, the CVM, and have a Unity ID,  you can download and install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client on your personally-owned computer. Instructions for signing into the VPN client are here.  We can assist you with the installation on any CVM-provided computer.

Please report any problems to 513-6677 or email