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Undergraduate Engagement

We offer several ways for undergraduates to get involved at the college even though we don't have a formalized pre-vet program.


We offer students and advisors of a North Carolina high school, college, or university the opportunity to learn about the veterinary profession, receive access to skilled and qualified individuals practicing in the veterinary field, nurture the interest in the veterinary profession, and serve as a conduit of information to grow the profession in the state of North Carolina.

VetPAC (Veterinary Professions Advising Center)

Available to all NC State students and alumni, the Veterinary Professions Advising Center (VetPAC) is a unique pre-veterinary advising center dedicated to helping students reach their academic and professional goals in the field of veterinary medicine. With only 32 veterinary schools in the United States, gaining admission is competitive and students must present a well-balanced and unique CVM application.

Student Research Opportunities

The Centennial Biomedical Campus (CBC) offers research training programs for highly motivated undergraduate students interested in biomedical research. Students will be mentored by CBC faculty, senior graduate students, postdoctoral associates and research technicians. Students will be encouraged to attend weekly laboratory meetings and CBC workshops, as available.

Turtle Rescue Team

The NC State Turtle Rescue Team (TRT) is a volunteer organization run by veterinary students at North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. We provide medical, surgical and husbandry services free of charge in the hope of releasing rehabilitated turtles back into the wild. Currently, Turtle Rescue Team sees and treats over 300 wild turtles, reptiles and amphibians each year. With such a high caseload, veterinary students involved with Turtle Rescue Team have the opportunity to not only learn, develop, and refine their medical skills on “exotic” species, but they also have the chance to contribute to protecting North Carolina’s native wildlife.