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Preparing the next generation of veterinarians


The NC State CVM encourages prospective applicants to engage the admission process fully to develop the most competitive and compelling case for admission. The following resources will assist candidates in their preparation.

For additional tips, watch the VMCAS Application: Explained video series for detailed information on what the VMCAS application looks like and what you need to apply – straight from our NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Admissions Team.

Class of 2026

Learn more about the students that make up the CVM Class of 2026.

Eligibility Criteria Used to Evaluate Applicants

In order to be considered for admission, prospective applicants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and meeting the eligibility criteria.

four people in various colored lab coats discuss the contents of a report while looking at a bone structure in a lab setting

Review Process

NC State CVM employs a holistic review process for admission to the DVM program.  Once all applicants are determined to have met eligibility criteria and completed their applications by the relevant deadlines, applications are reviewed.  

For applicants who are residents of North Carolina, each complete application that meets the criteria indicated above is reviewed independently by three members of the College Committee for Admissions.  In addition, resident applicants will complete an asynchronous interview that is evaluated by individuals who do not have access to candidates’ full applications.  Based on application packet evaluation and feedback from the asynchronous interview, each committee member assigns a rank to each application.  The sum of ranks assigned by each committee member informs the committee’s recommendation to accept, waitlist, or deny acceptance to each applicant.  North Carolina residents will comprise 80% of the admitted class. 

Due to large numbers of non-resident applicants, each complete application is reviewed independently by two trained individuals.  Recommendation by either initial reviewer will result in review of a candidate’s application by three members of the College Committee for Admissions as for resident applicants.  

The Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine ultimately approves admissions decisions recommended by the College Committee for Admissions.

NOTE: The criteria for admission to the College of Veterinary Medicine are determined and reviewed periodically by the dean and the Faculty Committee on Admissions. The Admissions Committee is comprised of faculty from the College of Veterinary Medicine with representatives from the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association, the North Carolina Association of Minority Veterinarians, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina system. Changes in the admissions process may be made without announcement as a result of continual review by the Faculty Committee on Admissions. 

Take a Tour of the College

Our student-led tours, offered on a regular basis throughout the year, are one of the best ways to get a glimpse at our world-class facilities, meet our students and get a sense of our community.

the front of the CVM entrance during the early morning hours