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CVM Values

Mutual respect and valuing the quality of our relationships unleashes the power of collaboration.

Together we are One CVM.

When we launched our strategic plan in 2016, one of the main priorities was to improve our college culture. A key to moving that effort forward was to become a truly values-driven college. We had to ask ourselves, and then define, what does that really mean? It took a while to reach a shared understanding and support for what we were seeking to accomplish. This included:

  • Becoming a culture of shared core values among the CVM community
  • Everyone embracing and aligning their personal values with CVM’s values
  • Creating a unified and motivated community
  • Buy-in from leadership who set examples for the organization and display the values through their behavior, decisions and how they engage with others


Feedback sessions from the CVM community was a vital part of the process. Community Town Halls, surveys and multiple small group sessions occurred between fall 2016 and summer 2019 to finalize our core values. A values committee consisting of faculty, staff and students was also established and worked collaboratively on this effort through the end of 2019.

Core Values

The CVM promotes a values-driven culture of mutual respect. We support all of our community members and prioritize relationships and collaborations. We practice inclusivity, promote innovation and pursue our passion. Together we are One CVM.


  • We practice kindness and respect.
  • We communicate with each other openly and honestly.
  • We assume good intent.
  • We embrace effective leadership.
  • We are attentive to one another’s wellbeing.
  • We make time for each other and time for ourselves.


  • We know that it is our diversity that makes us stronger.
  • We honor and respect different beliefs.
  • We celebrate individuality.
  • We make all feel included.
  • We empathize with each other.
  • We listen to each other with the intent to understand.


  • We empower people to seek and tackle new challenges.
  • We prioritize progress over perfection.
  • We approach challenges with creativity and integrity.
  • We are pioneers of veterinary and human translational medicine.
  • We collaboratively combat global health issues.


  • We provide exceptional veterinary care.
  • We strengthen the human-animal relationship.
  • We advocate for animal welfare and human wellness.
  • We give back through volunteerism.
  • We champion personal and professional growth.

Community and Culture  

A second round of small group sessions occurred in summer and fall 2019 to discuss how to further implement the values into community and culture initiatives and address important challenges in becoming a values-driven college.

The focus has shifted to delivering our values-driven initiatives through programmatic (community engagement), learning (toolbox) and additional opportunities (operations and evaluations) for our community. We will continue engagement and intentionality from cabinet and college leadership in supporting a values-driven culture.

The three goals for academic year 2020-21 are to:

  • Implement all the programmatic ideas generated from the additional small groups in fall 2019
  • Provide everyone a toolbox through established training and activities to prepare people to have crucial conversations
  • Establish a strategic communication plan and evaluate our values-driven culture process