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Student commemorate a fun moment in their scrubs.

Student Experience

We're a lively campus community brimming with opportunities to enrich your studies, connect with peers and grow intellectually and personally.

A Caring, Collaborative Culture

Our college has unparalleled academic programs — but what happens beyond our classroom walls is pretty exceptional, too.

Students study and socialize alongside a welcoming, tightly connected cohort of peers who, like them, are inquisitive, empathetic and ethically driven. They engage with faculty and staff who are rooting for their success. And they discover countless exciting extracurricular options.

Ignite new passions while studying abroad in spots like South Africa or the Galapagos. Build your skill set with research projects conducted in world-class labs. Kindle lifelong friendships with close-knit classmates. It all happens here, and we want you to be part of it.

Sarah Ho

Director of Student Engagement

WELCOME TO THE WORLD! Meet Ursula and her much quieter twin, Tito, two of the newest members of the NC State Veterinary Medicine family. We get to see many babies born in winter and early spring on our working, teaching farm known as the Teaching Animal Unit. Read more about the learning lab right outside our door here: ...

CREATIVE CASTING. The amazing ingenuity of the clinicians and technicians at #NCStateVetMed spans into doctoring as an art form, too. This recent patient, who needed a neck stabilization procedure, went home with a little winter wonderland to bring a smile to the owner's face. #vetschool #vetlife #vetstudent #excellence ...

PAWS FOR A BREAK. Find @beckettthetherapydog at the #NCStateVetMed library every Wednesday from noon to 1 if you need some rubbins and nubbins to get you through the day. #vetschool #vetstudent #therapydogs #sunshine ...

A College for Everyone

The College of Veterinary Medicine is home to a diverse, talented group of students from a wide variety of backgrounds. No matter who you are or where you’re coming from, there’s a place for you on our campus.

Fostering equity and inclusion is critical to our university’s mission. Within the college, we have a dedicated Office of Diversity that organizes programming and initiatives to enhance the diversity of the veterinary profession and the cultural competence of our students.

We believe varied perspectives and experiences are what make this college strong. We also believe in building our community as a team, so your input and ideas will be valued, and every part of you will be embraced.

We’re wildly supportive of one another. We also have a lot of fun together. We can find a reason to celebrate almost anything.

CVM alumna Allyson Patterson feeds a cow in the Teaching Animal Unit.

Allyson Patterson, DVM

Class of 2022

A student gets a kiss in return for a check up.

A 360-Degree Experience

We focus on supporting the whole student, mind and body, so you’ll have access to holistic resources that reach well beyond your coursework.

Whether you’re expanding your mind, mapping out your future, making new connections or teaming up with staff ready to help you face any challenge, you’ll find ample ways to better yourself and thrive here.