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Comparative Medicine Institute

Providing solutions for societal grand challenges in human and animal health for the benefit of North Carolina and the world.

The mission of the Comparative Medicine Institute (CMI) is to develop, foster, and assist interdisciplinary teams focused on translating basic research and scientific discovery into clinical/societal applications to improve the health of animals and humans.

In 2006, the Center for Comparative and Medicine and Translational Research (CCMTR) was established at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine as part of an effort to develop and support interdisciplinary research opportunities. Its role expanded considerably and in October 2015 the CCMTR was granted Institute status and is now recognized as the CMI. In 2020 CMI grew by the addition of the Chemistry of Life Program, bringing a larger focus on the basic sciences across NC State’s campus and a new co-director model for the Institute.  Together, the expanded CMI was renewed by the Board of Trustees in Spring 2021.

The Institute strives to support interactions between the clinical and basic research groups within the university community by developing mechanisms that encourage and facilitate those collaborations. The CMI is comprised of interdisciplinary teams of more than 190 faculty from 27 departments and representing six colleges and five universities. These closer interactions provided by the CMI, the focus on areas deemed to be of high relevance to the State and the Nation, and the considerable strengths already existing within NC State University ensure that the Institute will remain competitive.

The CVM continues to play a central role in the CMI through faculty and student
participation as well as providing direction and leadership to many of the institute’s initiatives and mentoring experiences.

Comparative Medicine Institute

Interdisciplinary research initiatives, mentoring opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students, commercialization and entrepreneurship initiatives.

Comparative Medicine Institute building
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Undergraduate students use microscopes to analyze ocean water at CMAST in Moorehead City. Photo by Marc Hall