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Practice makes perfect.


Inspired by the animals we treat, bright minds in our college work together to unlock the mysteries of life and propel veterinary innovation.

Creating a Healthier World

Our faculty and clinicians are globally recognized experts working at the forefront of interdisciplinary biomedical innovation. Each day, they join forces — and engage students and partners — to meet complex global health challenges with real-world solutions.

Whether we’re furthering knowledge of how animal and human cells work, learning how to regenerate heart tissue, pioneering new ways to screen for cancer or developing algorithms to predict and prepare for disease outbreaks, our world-class researchers take bold steps to advance veterinary and human medicine and shape a healthier future.

Research Grants and Honors

The work of our researchers gets noticed — and funded — by major animal health foundations, industry leaders, high-profile federal agencies and more.

An honor is bestowed upon faculty for a research grant.

Innovation for All Creatures

Bettering the lives of animals is what fuels us, but our discoveries also have major implications for people. Our focus on translational research means faculty work to transform their findings into meaningful applications that improve both animal and human health.

We move insights from the lab bench straight to the exam room, so patients in our top-rated veterinary hospital get the newest, most cutting-edge treatments available. And breakthroughs conceived on our campus lead to better medical care for their owners, too.

CVM and its centers are larger than life.

A Different Kind of Research Park

How does our college reach new frontiers in veterinary medicine? Unparalleled investment in our research infrastructure.

We’re a leading-edge hub for biomedical advancement that spans 250 acres of the booming Research Triangle region. Faculty, clinicians and students unite with industry and government researchers, entrepreneurs, clinical trial companies and partner universities in a unique shared environment engineered to foster collaboration.

Our veterinary hospital boasts some of the most sophisticated medical equipment you’ll find among animal (and human) hospitals nationwide — including state-of-the-art ultrasound machines, MRI and CT scanners, X-ray systems and other advanced diagnostic imaging technology.

Our resources enable investigators, especially talented young scientists, to develop, create and fund extraordinary large-scale projects.

Anthony Blikslager, DVM, Ph.D.

Head, Department of Clinical Sciences

It’s no wonder we’ve become a trusted partner for groups like the World Health Organization, attracted highly prestigious grants and awards, and helped produce a growing number of patents and startups based on our enterprising faculty’s research.

In 2021, our college’s research community generated:

15 Invention Disclosures

208 Research Proposals

710 Research Publications