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Clinical-Year Externships/Preceptorships

Contact:  919-513-6262   |     Student Development

Student Development typically begins accepting applications between March and June and will begins processing requests in July

The College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) at North Carolina State University welcomes DVM students in their clinical year of study who wish to complete an externship experience in one of NC State-CVM’s clinical services.

For the benefit of both the visitor and the service, all visitors are required to have strong written and verbal English language skills that are proficient to function on a day-to-day basis in the clinical environment.

Externship Requirements

  • Students must be in the clinical year of their DVM program, receiving academic credit for the externship and in good standing at their home institution.
  • Students must visit for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of four weeks depending on availability.
  • Visiting Students are required to come at the start of the rotation for orientation purposes and should plan to stay for the entire block. Students should not visit the CVM as their first clinical rotation.
  • All visitors should have strong written and verbal English language skills that are proficient to function on a day-to-day basis in the clinical environment.
  • International DVM Students are invited to visit the CVM as *supervised observers/shadowers only.  Effective immediately and due to limited space and resources, international students cannot be accommodated for the clinical year externship/preceptorship experience. We will keep your application in our files, and we will contact you if there is a change in our ability to accommodate  international visitors.* According to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations, international DVM students present in the United States in visitor status are NOT allowed to work or perform any productive activities at the College of Veterinary Medicine, but may engage in supervised observation at the College.
    • Because International Visiting Students are only allowed to observe NCSU-CVM’s clinical rotations (NOT participate), it can sometimes affect whether they receive credit from their home institution for the visit. Students should check with their school to ensure that they will be approved to visit NCSU-CVM as a supervised observer.
  • For best consideration, students should submit their application at least 6 weeks prior to the requested visit dates. Applications submitted after the 4 week mark will not be considered.

Daily activities include participation in rounds, reception of cases, and intimate involvement in the work-up and treatment of a wide variety of cases. You may request a visit with any service or program in the Veterinary Hospital.

There is no charge for domestic students. Registrant is responsible for the cost of lodging and associated travel expenses. Click on the toggle below to apply. Please submit requests at least 6 weeks prior to your requested visit dates.

The Application Process

  1. Complete the Visitor ApplicationClick on the red button to go to form. Externships are scheduling according to course availability. Applications will only be processed after ensuring that NC State’s clinical-year students have been scheduled to meet all requirements.
    • Please provide several scheduling options if possible: a range of dates or requested clinics may increase the possibility of scheduling an externship.
      • Current Clinical Calendar (May 2024-May 2025): here.
  2. If a student’s request can be accommodated, he or she will be notified via email. He or she will receive several documents that must be completed to set up the visit.The documents, unless an alternate deadline has been approved, must be returned to the student’s scheduled visit date.

Complete the Visitor Application: 

Click on the red button below to apply.

***Please Note the Following***

  1. Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. If you do not receive an email, please contact Externships are scheduling according to course availability. Applications will only be processed after ensuring that NC State’s clinical-year students have been scheduled to meet all requirements
  2. The student will be notified whether or not their request can be accommodated. If a student’s request can be accommodated, they will need to confirm their visit and complete the associated paperwork by a deadline included in the confirmation email.
  3. Only one application will be accepted per visiting student. Duplicate applications will be voided. If you need to edit the block dates, requested rotations or any other information, please email
  4. If you are not a DVM student in the clinical year, please fill out the CVM Visitor Application form.

Items of Importance

  • Costs/Fees: there are no tuition fees required for completing student externships at the CVM. Students visiting for more than 2 weeks are required to purchase a campus Access Badge for $20 to access the buildings on-campus.
    • Visiting Students are responsible for the cost of all transportation, room, and board during their visit.
  • International Students:

Housing, Parking, Transportation

Information is available for Housing and Transportation.

  • Housing: visitors are responsible for setting up their own accommodations. NC State offers guest rooms and guest apartments as affordable guest housing on its main campus (the CVM does not offer housing on its campus), and there are a number of hotels in the local area that offer discounts to CVM visitors. It is recommended that visitors book housing accommodations quickly, as rooms can fill up fast.
  • Parking: visitors who will be here more than one day will need to go to the transportation office prior to arriving at our campus and purchase day passes if you wish to park in the CVM campus parking deck. The Transportation Office is located on main campus at 2721 Sullivan Drive. The office opens at 7:00AM weekdays. The passes are $5 per day.Free parking is available across from our campus on Blue Ridge Rd. in the North Carolina State Fairgrounds lot highlighted in blue on the campus map. Please note that this is not an approved university parking lot so you park there at your own risk. There is a trail from Blue Ridge Road that follows next to the parking deck and leads to William Moore Drive. Follow to the main CVM entrance.
  • Transportation: The Wolfline shuttle bus service offers service throughout NC State’s campus, including from university guest housing to the Veterinary Hospital.
  • NC State Police Safety Escort: Visitors who have overnight shifts or find themselves on-campus late at night are welcome to contact NC State’s Police Department for a Safety Escort by calling the department dispatch at 919-515-3000. Officers will make an effort to arrive quickly and escort visitors: from on-campus guest housing to the CVM; from the CVM to on-campus guest housing; from a building to their car. However, please be aware that if an emergency call comes in, officers may be asked to prioritize that call until it is resolved.