From the animals that are our passion, to the people they live with and who care for them, NC State College of Veterinary Medicine is committed to improving health and quality of life not only on our campus but in the community.

Committed to Involvement

At NC State Veterinary Medicine, our mission isn’t just to train tomorrow’s Veterinarians and research scientists, we’re also committed to sharing what we know and working with our community to tackle challenges in animal care and health. We make our hospital and diagnostic centers available to the public so people have access to the very latest in Veterinary medicine, provide workshops and on-going professional development for veterinarians and others who work with animals, work with shelters across the state to provide spay neuter surgeries for adoptable animals, and offer resources to pet owners including, how to keep your animals safe during a disaster and pet loss support.

Connect with the College

Whether you’re a graduate of NC State Veterinary Medicine, or a budding veterinarian, we’ve got resources that will help you advance your professional career, stay connected or reconnect with college friends, or get you started on a path to a career in veterinary medicine. Another way to connect with CVM and to show your passion for animals and their care is by supporting research and education through a financial gift. However you connect with NC State Veterinary Medicine, you become a member of a community of people passionate about animals and their care and wellbeing. We invite you to join us.

Support CVM

Throughout my time here I felt like my class became a part of my family. Our connection goes beyond into our relationships as professionals as well, it’s really a cohesive group.

Dr. Rob Loose
CVM Graduate, Class of 2015

Resources for Pet Owners

For many, pets are family and dealing with health threatening illnesses or the loss of a pet is traumatic. NC State Veterinary Medicine offers many resources to work through these issues from state-of-the-art care and diagnostic facilities that offer the latest in medical care to support services for those struggling with the loss of a pet.

Advanced Medical CarePatient-centered

Our experienced specialists work with you and your primary care veterinarians to tailor the diagnostics and treatment plan to your pet’s individual needs and your unique situation and wishes.

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Compassionate SupportIn times of grief

We understand human-animal relationships, traumatic loss, and grief and provide a range of resources from self-help guides to our on-staff clinical counselors.

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Community Programs

NC State Veterinary Medicine partners with the American College of Animal Welfare to advance animal welfare through education, certification, and scientific investigation. We help to education Diplomates of the American College of Animal Welfare, veterinarians with specialized training and experience to assess an animal’s health, behavior, and biological function in regard to it’s overall well-being and safety.

More about the College of Animal Welfare