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Centers and Facilities

Collaborative Focus

Research discoveries are not arrived at in a vacuum, but arise from collaboration and partnership of faculty, student, and staff. The members of these centers recognize that complex issues affecting human and animal health are better addressed by interdisciplinary “one medicine” approaches that combine both clinical and non-clinical expertise. This includes interactions between different laboratories as well as interactions with private groups. NC State research centers provide one mechanism of bringing faculty from difference disciplines together.

CVM research centers are among the world’s premier centers for education and research in comparative medicine and translational biology, chemical toxicology and pharmacokinetics, and marine sciences. Each center is dedicated to both research and teaching as well as serving the public.

State-of-the-Art Collaboration

With corporate and government partners, Centennial Biomedical Campus was built as a new partnership model committed to brining academia, government, and industry together in one place to advance medical science.

CVM is a different kind of research park.

Bringing Research To Life

In addition to our research centers, the NC State Veterinary Hospital is an integral component of NC State Veterinary Medicine’s efforts to advance animal health. In addition to furthering the College’s mission to discover new knowledge and solutions that further animal health and well-being, the Hospital puts the results of our research, and Veterinary research around the world, into practice by offering state-of-the-art patient care using the latest medical knowledge and practices.