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Planning a Trip

Identify an Experience

  • Talk to your advisor, course coordinators and/or Dr. Sid Thakur.
  • Contact experience supervisor and get permission for visit in writing confirming dates, etc.
  • Complete Extramural Registration form and get it signed by all parties.
    • turn 4th year extramurals paperwork into the Clinical Coordinator(Student Development Group).
    • turn Selective or Elective paperwork into the CVM Registrar(Student Development Group).
  • Make travel arrangements including:
    • plane ticket reservations
    • Rental vehicle, other transportation
    • Housing
  • Two months prior to your trip, check with the Travel Clinic at Student Health for required immunizations, etc.
  • Check for any US State Department Travel Advisories for the region you plan to visit.
  • Check the CVM guidelines for travel abroad to insure compliance.
  • Register with the NC State Study Abroad Office (SAO) in advance of your departure. This includes completing an on-line application with them. Please be aware that the SAO Scholarship deadlines are very early (potentially 9 months prior to travel). It is recommended that you submit a SAO application even if you are uncertain of travelling to ensure that you can potentially receive scholarship funds. Please visit this webpage for more information:
    • Please note: if registration has closed, please contact the SAO office and ask them to reopen, advise that you are a DVM student. Or, if you are a student from Ross or St. George’s, please contact Student Development Group as you will have a different application to complete.
  • Here’s the steps to finding the Study Abroad Application:>Students>First Steps>Program Options>Program Name>type in: Independent Study>then click on Independent Study Abroad: Various Cities/Various Countries/Various Regions>click on “Apply Now” button.
  • Forward Andy Stringer a copy of your Study Abroad Application once it is approved by the SAO.
  • We highly recommend that you purchase the travel insurance that is offered. Be sure to check out the deadline on the NCSU Study Abroad Scholarship application. You must turn in the enrollment form and payment for insurance at least two weeks prior to your departure so that there is sufficient time for you to be enrolled.
  • Apply for or renew your passport. Check country requirements regarding a visa.
  • Check the CDC Traveler’s Health website.
  • Apply for CVM International Travel Award and submit on-line.
  • Make sure Student Development Group has your emergency contact information both domestic and abroad.
  • Complete the Non-Employee Travel Form electronically. Please turn in the approved form to Student Development Group PRIOR to your departure.

During the Experience

  • Remember that while you are in another country you are a representative of NC State CVM.
  • Keep receipts for expenses.
  • Take some photographs for your report.
  • Get your experience supervisor to complete the Supervisor’s Evaluation.
    • Fax, scan, mail or bring the form to Course Coordinator or Student Development Group.

Upon your Return

  • Give your completed report and supervisor evaluation to Student Development Group within one month of return
  • If you were awarded a CVM International Travel Award, please submit all your receipts to Student Development Group.

Please contact Student Development Group if you have any questions regarding CVM International Programs.