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Think and Do The Extraordinary
The Campaign for NC State CVM

COVID-19 Update: The NC State Veterinary Hospital is expanding services, but still only seeing a limited number of cases at this time. Click to learn more about appointments.

Class of 2020

  • President: Amanda Maxwell
  • Vice President: Gabriel Gonzalez
  • Treasurer: Katherine Bollag
  • Secretary: Victoria Riggs
  • SAVMA Representative: Melanie Runkle
  • Sports Coordinators: Ty Smith and Tia Simon
  • Diversity Chairs: Abby Lane and Ty Smith
  • Study Coordinators: Sam Lin and Kathryn Hamilton
  • Social Chairs: Madeline Zurowsky, Jenn Heyward and Clarisa Hernandez
  • Fundraising Chairs: Madeline Zurowsky and Kelly Holding
  • Open House Coordinator: Sahar Sheikh-Ahmad
  • Webmaster: Amanda Huffman
  • Historians: Maura Wade
  • Merchandise Reps: Shannon Steiner-Smith and Danielle Barnes
  • Library Rep: Nicole DeAngelis
  • Volunteer Service Coordinator: Regan Stoneburner
  • SAVMA Wellness Committee Rep: Allie McFadden and Josh Zlotnick
  • One Health Rep: Keli Gerken
  • Curriculum Committee Reps: Victoria Riggs and Holly Capps
  • Academic Conduct and Performance Committee Rep: Holly Capps

Class of 2021

  • President: Trey Cook
  • Vice President: Valerie Nelson
  • Treasurer: Sara Tufts
  • Secretary: Stefanie Golden
  • SAVMA Representative: Michelle Hoblit
  • Sports Coordinator: Stephen Huff
  • Diversity Chairs: Shayla Jackson and Allie Wetzel
  • Study Coordinators: Elisa Meier and Sarah Montoya
  • Social Chairs: Annie Buckingham, Skylare Smith, and Sam Tucker
  • Fundraising Chairs: Khushboo Dass and Marisa Hofmeister
  • Open House Coordinator: Erin Wilkins
  • Webmaster: Abby Jindal
  • Historian: Anne White
  • Merchandise Reps: Amanda Sautner
  • Library Rep: Jennifer Vrabel
  • Volunteer Service Coordinator: Alex Fitton
  • SAVMA Wellness Committee Rep: Cheryl Heitzman
  • One Health Rep: Mallory Brown
  • Curriculum Committee Reps: Mallory Brown and Elisa Meier
  • Academic Conduct and Performance Committee Rep: Amanda Sautner

Class of 2022

  • President: Monse Cuevas
  • Vice President: Lauren Nakonechny
  • Secretary: Avnee Mistry
  • Treasurer: Alana Jefferson
  • Curriculum Committee Reps: Ann Gaier and Elizabeth Welch
  • Academic Performance and Student Conduct Rep: Haley Dodson
  • SAVMA Rep: Yufan Chao
  • Study Coordinators: Erynn Mollin and Hannah Sather
  • Social Chairs:  Erynn Mollin, Andreina Montaner and Carole Roman
  • Fundraising Chairs: Carin Ingram, Allyson Patterson and Roberta Richardson
  • Historian: Brooke Bennes and Cody Crenshaw
  • Volunteer Service Coordinator: Claire Neinast
  • Librarian: Colleen McCammond
  • Open House Coordinator: Carole Roman
  • Sports Coordinators: Josh DeLord and Scott Wiseman
  • Diversity Chairs:  Tahj Boston and Monse Cuevas
  • Merchandise Rep: Shelby Scanlin and Cecilia Armstrong
  • One Health Rep: Carolyn Hynes
  • SAVMA Wellness Reps: Aya Omar and Hannah Sather
  • Webmaster: Hannah Sather

Class of 2023

  • President: Samantha Holmes
  • Vice President: Cydney Tutchton
  • Secretary: Alexis Roach
  • Treasurer: Francess Blake
  • Curriculum Committee Rep: Kyra Thornton and Rachel Gagliardi
  • Academic Performance: Morgen Dugan
  • SAVMA Rep: Crissy Bass
  • Study Coordinators: Mary Doerr and Emma Clarke
  • Social Chairs: Andrew Kurowski, Kady Castaneda and Avni Hajela
  • Fundraising Chairs: Cearra Blackwell, Molly Reger and Brittani Raines
  • Historian: Kady Castaneda and Christine Wright
  • Volunteer Service Coordinator: Emily Wiloch
  • Librarian: Guinevere Nease
  • Open House Coordinator: Katherine Weppler and Julia Carlin
  • Sports Coordinator: Madison Edwards and Liz Treece
  • Diversity Chair: Manrique Miranda and Daiannette Lopez
  • Merchandise Reps: Samantha Holmes and Elise Andreasen
  • One Health Rep: Emily Wiloch
  • SAVMA Wellness Committee Reps: Sarah Scott:Cruz and Chelsea Drumgoole
  • Webmaster: Emi Tucker