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Microbiology and Immunology

Infectious diseases in animals are dangerous to the animal, can wreak havoc on herds, and pose serious threats to food producers. Veterinary microbiologists specialize in the study of microbial (bacterial, fungal, viral) diseases of domesticated vertebrate animals (livestock, companion animals, fur-bearing animals, game, poultry, fish) that supply food, other useful products or companionship. Specialty areas in this field include bacteriology, mycology, virology, parasitology, or immunology.

NC State Veterinary Medicine Microbiology and Immunology faculty and staff are dedicated to advancing the field and to teaching, research, and outreach programs that are responsive to the needs of students, food producers, animal owners, the veterinary profession, and scientific communities. We provide veterinary and postgraduate instruction.

Our faculty are involved in research in numerous areas of …

We serve the public through active extension and engagement programs that include …


Microbiology and Immunology faculty members provide instruction in the professional veterinary and graduate curricula and are extensively involved the Comparative Biomedical Sciences graduate program, which can also lead to a combined DVM/PhD program.  Through this program, veterinary students interested in research and becoming academic clinicians can further their expertise. Faculty also mentor and instruct students involved in focus areas.