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Teaching animal unit barn

Teaching Animal Unit

Our working farm and hands-on teaching lab

Teaching Animal Unit

The Teaching Animal Unit (TAU) is located just east of the College of Veterinary Medicine on approximately 80 of the campus’ 180 acres. The staff and PHP residents are actively involved in training the veterinary students who participate in laboratory training during Years 1-3 of the professional DVM curriculum. The TAU is a dynamic teaching lab for veterinary students to learn husbandry, production management, and routine procedures used in livestock production. Students are able to observe and work with normal animals in a real farm setting.

The TAU is consistently one of the most popular activities in which veterinary students engage at NC State. They have regularly scheduled labs during Years 1-3, and make visits as part of their senior rotations during Year 4. The Unit consists of six sub units that reflect the principal food animal groups.

Beef Unit

Dairy Unit

Equine Unit

Poultry Unit

Small Ruminant Unit

Swine Unit

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