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Strategic Plan Goal Two: Life-Changing Research

Be an internationally recognized, collaborative research enterprise.

Four-Year Objectives

  1. Support and develop an innovative research community. (Links to Strategy 5.2)
  2. Strategically invest in research areas that leverage CVM’s strengths.
  3. Facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations. (Links to Strategy 4.1)
  4. Provide leading-edge biomedical education and training to advance research excellence

Metrics of Success

  1. Total number and percentage of CVM faculty with extramural research funding
  2. Number of published, peer-reviewed, research manuscripts
  3. Number of extramural grants or sponsored research proposals submitted and awarded
  4. Average funding amount received per research proposal
  5. Frequency and impact of CVM research in the media
  6. Quantity of CVM held patents and disclosures