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Dr. Jackie Jaloszynski, left, sits with her Lagotto Romagnolo puppy in her lap. Her husband, Sid Bragg, is sitting at the right with the couple's other Lagotto Romagnolo puppy in his lap.

Mar 19, 2024

The ‘Domino Effect’ of Helping Healers

Dr. Jackie Jaloszynski and Sid Bragg found life-changing care and an unexpected connection at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, inspiring them to give back to support veterinarians- and specialists-in-training. 

The Annual Scholarship Dinner brought together donors and students

Feb 22, 2024

Annual Scholarship Dinner Brings Together Generous CVM Donors, Grateful Students

The NC State College of Veterinary Medicine celebrated its scholarship donors and the students they’ve supported at a dinner at the McKimmon Center on Tuesday night.  The evening was an opportunity for college leaders to thank the donors who gave nearly $1.5 million to help 191 veterinary students focus on their studies rather than their finances.… 

Jul 5, 2023

Fighting infection and the clock: Emergency brain surgery saves Leo’s life

When a tabby cat’s outdoor adventures led to rapidly progressing, life-threatening symptoms, experts from across the NC State Veterinary Hospital raced to identify and treat the cause. 

Mack Kestler and his dog Brandi

Apr 27, 2023

April News and Updates: A Feline Center, a Standing CT and a Heartfelt Thank You from Across the Years

Stay up to date on how the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine is having a huge impact, from creating a center to focus on feline care to installing a standing CT for horses to being recognized for major awards. 

horse getting CT scan

Apr 12, 2023

NC State’s New Standing CT a Game-Changer for Equine Care

In its continuous quest to offer the best of veterinary care, the NC State Veterinary Hospital has installed standing CT equipment that allows our equine experts to scan the heads and throat latches of horses without having to put the animals under general anesthesia. “Horses are big animals, and recovery from anesthesia is a big event… 

Dr. Lauren Schnabel and Dr. Katie Sheats applied for the grant from the NC Horse Council.

Apr 6, 2023

NC Horse Council Helps NC State Care for On-Campus Herds

The NC Horse Council has awarded a grant to the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine to help the college care for its on-campus horses that participate in the advancement of equine health and translational medicine. “We are thrilled that the NC Horse Council has chosen to help support the animals that are critical to equine… 

Sep 1, 2022

August News and Updates: Seals, Sloths and Important Firsts

Stay up to date on the College of Veterinary Medicine's major news and updates from August 2022. 

dog in field with toys

Aug 24, 2022

Lucy’s Leg Recovery Inspires Owners To Help Others Access Top-Notch Care

Gary and Jackie Davis were so grateful for the successful orthopedic surgery on their border collie Lucy that they established a fund to help other pet owners have financial access to services from the NC State Veterinary Hospital. 

horse and jockey jumping obstacle

Jun 22, 2022

An Investment in the Future of Large Animal Medicine

Generous donors establish new scholarship to assist students planning to become large animal veterinarians.