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At NC State Veterinary Medicine, we provide societal & intellectual prosperity for the veterinary profession & the health and well‐being of people & their animals. We Think and Do.

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The Office of Communications and Marketing is here to tell the story of the College of Veterinary Medicine—our academic excellence, our student and faculty achievements, our alumni accomplishments, our transformational research, our world-class hospital, our generous donors and our promising future.

We are a team of talented professionals who write stories, take photographs, build websites, produce videos, promote events, design everything from brochures to banners, post, tweet, work with local and national media, and oversee the College’s brand. Our departments and services have great stories. Working together, we can make sure the world hears them!

Effective, consistent communication helps us:

  • Recruit outstanding students and faculty,
  • Attract donors and other external funding sources,
  • Achieve recognition for our accomplishments and
  • Promote our state‐of‐the‐art medical and research facilities.
  • Demonstrate how we impact animal and human health, the state of North Carolina and the world.

The resources found here are intended to supply information, tools and access to the elements that can help us achieve these goals. As a first step, please remember that the College of Veterinary’s messages and materials should always align with the NC State Brand Guidelines, which can be viewed at

What We Do

Communications and Marketing 
This include interviews, news releases, feature articles, newsletters, media coordination and public relations. Have a CVM story idea? Please let us know.

Digital strategy and Web development
In the 21st century, digital communications are critical. We combine communication strategy with digital implementation to provide solutions to the CVM community. Examples include social media strategy and assets, website design and strategy, email newsletters and templates. Do you have an update to the CVM website, an idea for a social media post or just have a question? Let us know by emailing

We are committed to presenting professional  communications and marketing materials to external audiences. As part of our comprehensive planning, we strive to ensure that your materials have the best photography possible included in them. View the NC State CVM photo gallery here.

Creative strategy and art direction
Examples include branding and brand strategy, messaging, creative consultation and identity development for the CVM.

Graphic design and medical illustration
Examples include brochures, flyers, folders for the CVM community. Alice Harvey assists with medical illustrations for the classroom or your next research project. For CVM promotional collateral, please email or contact Alice Harvey for medical illustration needs.

Video production and editing 
Examples include videos for announcements, recruitment, promotional purposes and donor recognition, or  for your research project and video transcription. For educational video needs, please contact Philip Ruckart.

Downloadable Assets and Forms

If you have any questions at all about how to use the following tools, please email us. These assets are only to be used for official university communications. Do not use them to promote private businesses or for individual purposes.

Directory Updates

Help us keep the CVM directory updated! Please fill our your biography and information by using the form below.

Need help writing a biography? Contact us at

Email Signatures

You can include a logo image as part of your university email signature. When used this way, the logo should appear at the bottom of the email signature, below all the other elements of the signature. Don’t resize the logo image, and keep it on a line by itself, without any other text or graphics on the same line. Remember that some email clients don’t display images; therefore, your contact information should always be in the form of text, not images.

To use a logo as part of your email signature:

  1. Download the logo image to your desktop computer.
  2. Go to your email settings, scroll down to the “Signature” section and enter your signature text in the text field. If you already have an email signature, verify that the information is correct.
  3. To properly format your signature text, use your mouse to select it all, and then use the formatting buttons directly above the text field to select the Sans Serif font at normal size.
  4. To insert the logo image, position your blinking cursor two lines below the last line of text in your signature. Then click the Insert Image icon (next to the Link icon) and upload the image file from your computer.
  5. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Go to email settings.



College of Veterinary Medicine and NC State Veterinary Hospital Logos

The “brick” — with or without the college name — is the only appropriate logo for official communications for the College of Veterinary Medicine.The “NC State Veterinary Medicine” logo is appropriate for the use of everyone.

The NC State Veterinary Hospital has a “sub-brand” logo. This logo should only be used when you are specifically representing the hospital or one of the hospital services.

Download Logos 


Our images are bold, clear and singular. When applicable, we emphasize the real-world impacts of the CVM’s work, rather than the process behind it. Are you working on something you feel we should capture? Contact CVM Communications. To view the CVM photo database, please click here. Note that these photos are copyright-protected and should not be used for personal purposes.

Powerpoint Templates

Use the following templates for your presentations. (Keep in mind that the only font you should use for your content is Arial.)

Story Idea


Team Contacts

Our team provides leadership, strategy, services and support to advance the NC State CVM brand and help the college achieve its core mission. You can reach us by emailing or contact us individually by clicking on our names/photos below.


Dianne Dunning, DVM, MS, DrPH, DACVS

Associate Dean, Advancement