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Profile Edit Request

Please note that we receive name, title, email address, website, phone number and office/work location from the main campus directory and cannot update them. To update those fields yourself please visit MyPack Portal using your Unity credentials.

Any changes done there should pull into the CVM directory within two days.

If provided, pronouns will appear near near the name on the individual’s profile page. It is suggested that you use a slash (/) to separate each of the individual pronouns.
If provided, a link will be displayed so that people can hear how your name is pronounced. To use this functionality you will need to create a recording on and provide a URL to your profile.
Titles/Roles/Positions that you may hold in additional to your primary position pulled from the campus directory. Please separate by comma.
Department / Affiliations
Education (Type of Degree,Degree Program,School,Year)
Description of research and areas of expertise.
Honors and Awards
News URLs
Max. file size: 195 MB.
Departments, Groups and Teams(Required)
Please add each department, team or group you are in and specify if you are faculty/staff/resident if possible e.g. Hospital (department) + Cardiology staff (group), DOCS (department) + Behavioral faculty (group)