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Ankita Gupta

Professional Year 3


Department of Clinical Sciences Graduate Student Representative

Student Associate Editor for JAVMA and AJVR


Ankita Gupta is a DVM/Ph.D. candidate in the Comparative Biomedical Sciences graduate program at North Carolina State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Ankita completed her Ph.D. in neuroscience in July 2023 and is currently enrolled in the DVM program. Her primary research interest is to improve the success of translational research for chronic pain. Her thesis work focused on using validated outcome measures and molecular tools in rodent models and dogs with naturally occurring osteoarthritis pain to evaluate putative analgesic targets. Ankita’s overarching goal is to become a clinician-scientist in academia, performing high-quality, impactful comparative pain research that contributes to novel therapies for osteoarthritis-associated pain in human and veterinary patients.


International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), member
Comparative Medicine Institute, member
Translational Research in Pain Lab, member


PhD Comparative Biomedical Sciences North Carolina State University 2023


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