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Barb Sherry

Unpaid Emeritus


Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professor

Molecular Biomedical Sciences


We study reovirus-induced myocarditis (cardiac inflammation and tissue damage) in mice as a model for this important human disease. Recently, we have focused on the cardiac response to viral infection, with particular emphasis on viral induction of the antiviral cytokine interferon-beta in cardiac cells. We are interested in both the viral genes that stimulate this response, and the cardiac transcription factors and antiviral proteins that are central to protection against disease. We have also focused on virus-induced changes in cell splicing of RNA and other cell processes. Our approaches, using primarily molecular and genomic techniques, include the use of transgenic mice and primary cardiac myocyte cell cultures.


A.B. Biology Brown University

Ph.D. Molecular Biology University of Wisconsin-Madison

Area(s) of Expertise

Viral pathogenesis
Molecular virology
Innate immunity
Cardiac response to viruses


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