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Phase 1 Dose Escalation of Single-Agent Mechlorethamine HCl in Dogs with Lymphoma

Principal Investigator

Dr. Joanne Intile


We are recruiting dogs with lymphoma to determine the optimal dose of a chemotherapy drug called mustargen. Enrolled dogs will receive one free dose of mustargen and undergo follow up blood work for up to two weeks afterwards. Dogs can then receive other chemotherapy drugs, either at NCSU CVM or elsewhere (not covered by the study.)

Testing Requirements

Dogs must have a confirmed diagnosis of lymphoma (cytology or biopsy) and baseline blood work. If enrolled, the study will reimburse the cost of the baseline blood work if it was performed at NCSU CVM. Patients must come to the NCSU CVM to be treated with mustargen.

Enrollment Start


Enrollment Finish



Dogs with multi-centric lymphoma and adequate bloodwork values who are feeling well.




Dr. Laura Chadsey
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