CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: The NC State Veterinary Hospital is seeing only emergency patients until further notice.

Veterinary Hospital Changes Reduce Risk While Continuing Care


Kathryn Meurs, DVM, PhD Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology)

Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies


Diagnostic and Research Lab Contact Information

Lab Phone Email Contact Name
Aquatic Epidemiology and Conservation 919 513.6397 Jay Levine
Avian Health Services and Research 919.513.6574 Jennifer Strickland
Canine Spinal Cord Injury 919.513.7235 Kim Williams
Clinical Immunology 919.513.6363 Linda English
Clinical Microbiology 919.513.6560 Megan Fauls
Clinical Pathology Cherri Eller
Clinical Pharmacology Cherri Eller
Comparative Pain Research 919.513.6854
Clinical Virology 919.513.6564 Leah M. Scarborough
Companion Animal Epilepsy 919.513.6812 Julie Nettifee
Cytology Cherri Eller
Digestive Tract Development 919.515.7403 Mike Dush
Gastrointestinal Physiology 919.513.7725 Anthony Blikslager
Genomics Research 919.513.1466 Matthew Breen
Gastrointestinal Biology and Disease 919.513.6252 Dr. Susan Tonkonogy
Histology 919.513.6389 Sandra Horton
Intestinal Pathogens Research 919.513.6415 Stephen Stauffer
Leukocyte Biologygy 919.513.7722 Sam Jones
Mammalian Cell Transcription and Proliferation
Mycoplasma Diagnostics and Research 919.513.6249 Sile Huyan
Ocular Immunology, Toxicology, and Drug Delivery 919.513.1273 Brian Gilger
Pharmacology Analysis 919.513.6385 Delta Dise
Poultry Tumor Diseases 919.513.6333 Aneg Lucia Cortes
T. foetus Diagnostic Laboratory 919.513.6415 Stephen Stauffer
Thakur Molecular Epidemiology 919.513.7001 Amanda H. Armstrong
Vector Borne Disease Diagnostics 919.513.8279
Vertebrate Immunity Research 919.513.7828