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Software Services & Policies

CVM IT manages over 1600 computers (1400+ Windows-based and 250+ Macs) throughout the college and hospital including offsite locations such as CMAST.  We utilize the Active Directory and JAMF management systems provided by OIT.

CVM IT Support staff perform new computer setups and computer reinstallations if necessary that include:

  • Installation of standard software and other software provided and packaged for deployment by OIT.
  • Assistance with the installation of non-standard software if it is available from the University or if it is approved by OIT and the user provides the necessary installation media and/or licensing keys. We cannot be expected to know how to use and functionally support all the software that is available from the university or that our customers may use in their work and research.

There is a standard set of software for both hardware architectures and use-cases (college & hospital) but we allow approved modifications from the base installation as user needs require (See “Obtaining and Installing Other Software” section).

College Windows ComputersCollege Apple ComputersHospital Windows Computers
Microsoft/Office 365YesYesYes
Adobe Acrobat ProYesYesNo
Adobe Acrobat ReaderNoNoYes
Cisco AnyConnect SBL All LaptopsAll LaptopsAll Laptops
Web BrowsersYes: Chrome, FirefoxYes: Chrome, FirefoxYes: Chrome, Firefox
Google Drive File StreamYesYesYes
7-Zip (file archiver/compressor)YesNoYes
Putty (terminal emulator)YesNo
WinSCP (file transfer utility)YesNo
InstinctNo, Upon RequestNo, Upon RequestYes
Merge PACS ViewerYesNo, Upon RequestYes
Orchard HarvestNoNoDiagnostic Labs Only
  1. Contact CVM IT to see if the software (or an alternative) is already available from CVM or the University
  2. Verify that the software is Clickwrap approved by OIT Software Licensing – even for free downloads or purchased software
  3. Complete Clickwrap Review form and/or IT Purchase Compliance form if necessary before downloading and/or purchasing/installing software

Note:  Unapproved/Denied software should never be installed on CVM Computers. Doing so is in violation of the University Reg 08.00.02 – Computer Use Regulations

CVM IT develops, maintains, supports and/or licenses several software packages and systems utilized in various areas of CVM.  Some of these have been developed in-house (CRESS) and some are custom designed to meet specific needs (AWS Cloud Computing)

AWS Cloud ComputingAWS-hosted research environments for PIs at the CVM
Azure Cloud ComputingMicrosoft-hosted cloud environment for Office365 and many NCSU services
CRESS:  Clinical Rotation Evaluation & Scheduling SystemCVM IT-developed system for managing clinical (4th) year hospital service rotations and evaluations by instructors
DaminionImage Server for non-DICOM image management
DSpaceOpen source document/image repository
EMS Room SchedulerCVM Meeting Room scheduler for most CVM locations
ezyVetHospital Information System
Hyla Fax ServerCloud/AWS-hosted faxing system utilized by Veterinary Hospital services and CVM administration
InstinctElectronic treatment sheet program for the VH to complement the ezyVet HIS
KB PortInteractive video capture system for 4th DVM Student  to assess student/client interactions in a simulated patient care environment
LucidLinkVirtual filespace environment for specialized CVM collaboration involving unique datasets
Malwarebytes (Windows & MacOS)Anti-malware solution for specialized research/clinical use cases
Objective PathologySoftware that supports the histopathology services
OmniCellVH Central Pharmacy system for prescription dispensing and medication management
Orchard Harvest/OutreachDiagnostic Laboratory Information System
RaptorMedMedical Record system for VH Exotics and Turtle Rescue Team
REDCapVanderbilt University software for research studies/clinical trial/project management
RIS, PACS, DICOM viewers, .etcRadiology Information Systems
Science in 3D:  Glass Horse; Equine Distal Limb; Glass Dog (25 concurrent licenses)3D animation software for exploring the anatomy of horses, dogs, and equine limbs
SisenseAnalytics system for custom BI visualization dashboards for CVM
Statistical Software: GraphPad (Windows & MacOS) 100 device licensesGraphing & statistical software
Statistical Software: SigmaPlot (Windows) 25 concurrent licensesGraphing & statistical software

CVM IT should be contacted for assistance with Google resources that will be accessed by more than one person.  CVM IT will ensure that there is at least one permanent manager for these resources.  This is critical to have access to these resources when employees and/or students leave and lose access to their University Google accounts.

Please contact CVM IT if you need to have any of these resources created or obtain access to existing Google resources because resource managers are no longer available or employed.

  • Google Generic Accounts*
  • Google Groups (email lists)
  • Google Shared (team) Drives
  • Assistance with the creation of Google resources for our customers like Google Generic accounts, Google Groups (email lists), and Google Shared drives.  

*NOTE: CVM IT will ensure Generic accounts are enrolled in 2-Factor authentication with the ability to retrieve codes from the online Get2Factor utility and provide backup codes.