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Clinical Competencies

Graduating students at CVM must attain professional competencies defined by the AVMA.

AVMA Statement on

Competency Outcomes

Veterinary graduates must have the basic scientific knowledge, skills and values to practice veterinary medicine, independently, at the time of graduation.  At a minimum, graduates must be competent in providing entry-level health care for a variety of animal species.

During the DVM curriculum, students will be required to demonstrate competency in a range of skills and activities, including but not limited to diagnostic and examination skills, anesthesia, surgery, animal handling and husbandry, communication, ethics, and clinical reasoning.  These activities are threaded and assessed throughout the curriculum. 

In addition to these activities, students are required to complete the following activities:

  • Attend one approved diversity training experience (i.e. Cultural Awareness Seminar) each of the first three years of veterinary college and submit a reflection statement. 
  • Complete one approved research-related educational experience before graduation. 

More information about how to submit reflection statements and meet the research requirement can be found here: