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Hardware Services & Policies

Hardware Purchases

CVM IT requires all computer and printer purchases be approved by CVM IT staff.  We will provide computer and monitor quotes from the CPI contract models in the online MarketPlace that will meet the needs/requirements for its intended use.

Dell is the CVM-approved vendor for desktops and laptops.  The University initiated the Combined Pricing Initiative (CPI) in May, 2010 which requires NC State, like all schools in the UNC system, to participate in the program.

Apple computer purchases likewise must be approved by Computing Resources staff and quotes will be provided based on MarketPlace Apple Education pricing.

We quote both Dell and Apple computers with 4-year warranties and NBD, onsite service for Dell computers. We also require the addition of accidental damage warranty for Dell laptops. 

Please contact CVM IT before making printer purchases to avoid known compatibility issues with operating systems and network concerns.  

CVM IT maintains a list of frequently purchased IT-related items with item numbers and prices from several Marketplace vendors.

Please report any problems to 513-6677 or email

  • Installation of supported Dell and Apple computers purchased from the NC State Marketplace which will include the standard software listed on this web site, internet connectivity, enrollment in one of the required computer management systems, and inclusion in the CVM IT Oracle inventory database.
  • Installation of supported peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, etc.
  • Disconnection and reconnection of computers, printers, scanners, etc to facilitate moves.  CVM IT personnel do not participate in the actual relocation of equipment. CVM IT personnel do not participate in the actual relocation of equipment, as that is a CVM Facilities service or one that can be coordinated via departmental resources.
  • Assistance in identifying and resolving computer hardware problems and consultation with the vendor, if under warranty, to obtain service and/or replacement components. The customer or the customer’s department may be required to return the component for repair/replacement – even if under warranty in some cases and in particular if the warranty has expired.
  • Assistance with vendor-provided technical assistance. CVM IT can be contacted in advance if vendor-provided technical assistance requires us to be present for administrative access to hospital, research, or administrative computers. 
  • Assistance with IoT (Internet of Things) devices.  More and more devices are being developed to access wired and wifi networks that can be beneficial but they can also be a security concern. CVM IT cannot guarantee that just because something can go on the network that it will be allowed to go on the network. We would need security information about each particular device to determine if it will be allowed on either the wired or wireless networks.  Some items that we have allowed on our networks that have been beneficial are freezer monitoring systems and observation cameras.
  • Identifying active network outlets, troubleshooting network connectivity problems, and reporting problems to ComTech if necessary
  • Assistance with the three University-provided, campus-wide wifi options that are available in the CVM Main, Research, BPC buildings and adjacent outside areas :
    • eduroam (secured & encrypted)
    • ncsu (unsecured & unencrypted) recommended for devices that can’t connect to eduroam
    • “Guest” for people who do not have a Unity ID
  • Setting  up devices on the CVM-only wifi network designated for CVM equipment that requires device-based (not user based) WiFi authentication (e.g., freezer monitors, Ultrasound machines, portable ECG equipment, etc. that are WiFi only and used by multiple users
  • Acquiring access to Special Operating System (SOS) network resources with OIT for CVM IT-and OIT-approved, critical-use computer equipment that use unsupported operating systems (i.e., Windows XP,  Windows 7)
  • Working with your department to purchase your software and hardware that is not already provided
  • Securing installation software/media and installation keys and/or serial numbers (even digital formats) for possible reinstallation situations 
  • Procuring necessary peripheral devices such as USB cables, ethernet hubs, web cams, headsets, printers, etc. – after consultation with CVM IT.
  • Backing up your data.  CVM IT can assist with suggestions for backup solutions. Research data may be regulated by granting organizations as to where data can be stored and for how long.  Solutions can be as simple as a secured/encrypted external drive to cloud storage with many options in between.
  • Securing passwords with password management/vault solution (.i.e, LastPass, 1Password) used for third party and/or cloud computing and Software as a Service solutions that use non-NCSU usernames/accounts and passwords.
  • Personally-owned computers (faculty, staff, students, adjuncts, no-pays, etc.) are not supported by CVM IT.  
  • Remote desktop access (RDP) is allowed from personally-owned computers conditional on supervisor approval.  CVM IT will provide instructions and the necessary information for RDP to CVM computers.