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Microscopy Core Facility


The Multi Camera Array Microscope (MCAM) Kestrel can provide image capture and analysis of high throughput chemical and genetic screens. The MCAM Kestrel can acquire synchronous high-speed video (>160 frames-per-second) over an entire multi-well plate, and also screen an entire multi-well plate within seconds in fluorescence or brightfield – a 5X increase in temporal resolution and 24X increase in throughput compared with competing systems.

Pricing & Scheduling

To encourage development of a stable user-base and to introduce users to the exciting capabilities of the MCAM, consultations, training, and machine usage are currently free of charge.


Microscopy Core Facility
Research Building, Room 337
North Carolina State University – College of Veterinary Medicine 
Raleigh, NC 27607


Please contact Dr. Jeff Yoder with any questions or concerns you have about the MCAM at