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Global Health

The Global Health Program at the College of Veterinary Medicine is dedicated to improving the lives of animals and humans across the world through focused areas of global health research and education. As one of the leading veterinary colleges in the country, we are uniting DVM students, faculty and professionals to collectively solve the major global health challenges faced by society today.

Ed Breitschwerdt

Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases

Maria Correa

Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health

Derek Foster

Associate Professor of Ruminant Medicine

Mathew Gerard

Teaching Professor, Veterinary Anatomy

Liara Gonzalez

Assistant Professor of Equine Surgery and Gastroenterology

Megan Jacob

Professor; Director of Diagnostic Laboratories

Greg Lewbart

Professor of Aquatic Animal Medicine

Ricardo Maggi

Research Professor Internal Medicine

Monique Pairis-Garcia

Associate Professor, Global Production Animal Welfare

Lauren Schnabel

Assistant Professor Equine Orthopedic Surgery

Sid Thakur

Executive Director, Global One Health Academy

Kara Walker

Asst Research Professor