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Welcome to the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine!

“The hardest part is starting. Once you get that out of the way, you’ll find the rest of the journey much easier” -Simon Sinek

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Campus Maps/Tours

Parking & Commuting

NCSU Transportation
Parking Map

Parking Lots On Campus

Parking authority uses electronic license plate scanning to verify your parking permit, so your license plate must be visible from the road at all times (therefore, no “backed in” parking unless you have a front license plate). Staff generally use “C” permit and the current cost is ~$33/month (as of 2023). On the CVM campus there are C permit spaces:

  • CBC North Lot near William Moore Drive meets Blue Ridge Drive and back up to the Ramada Inn (“Ramada” lot)
  • Parking Garage – also open to CC permits (students) and has a few electric vehicle spots (special rules apply) as well as bike/motorcycle spots
  • West Lot – in front of Health/wellness, also has pay by the hour visitor spots
  • C Lot where William Moore Dr. meets Terry Curtin Drive
  • Outer Row of the Terry Center Parking lot – the spaces “facing” the Terry Center are reserved for clients

Free Parking Lots

The best free option is to use a Park and Ride lot, Park & Ride. The closest one is the Carter-Finley Park and Ride and is a walkable distance from the CVM. The Route 6 Wolfline bus also runs from Carter-Finley to the CVM (Warning: Route 6 is altered during the State Fair in October each year). The State Fairgrounds will allow people to park in the gravel lot off Blue Ridge Road, but it is “Park At Your Own Risk.” You will need to walk across Blue Ridge Road (can be crazy busy!!) at the cross walk/light. They will close the lot based on event schedules, sometimes with little warning. It always closes for about a month for the State Fair. NCSU usually sells special one-month parking passes for that time. If you choose to use this lot, watch for emails or signs announcing lot closures or towing notices. You will notice that some people park along the train tracks off Hillsborough St. This is a horrible idea. It is not public property. It is not a parking lot and there is no safe way to cross the street.

Parking Rules On Campus

See the Transportation office site for all the parking rules. If you have a C permit, there are C lots on other campus areas. A C permit can also park in parking decks, like the Dan Allen Deck. NC State Campus Map (includes Parking lots) At the CVM, the lots directly in front of the clinics are reserved for clients. If you are a client that day, you can park in a client spot, but will need to make sure you get the parking slip from clinic reception. The area in front of the large animal hospital is gated for safety. This space is reserved for handling and transport of large animals.

How to Buy a Pass

Employee Parking Pass

Alternative Transportation

Regional/Commuter Bus – One stop information is available at, coordinates with university buses (NCSU, Chapel Hill and Duke).
Maps and Schedules
Bicycle: Bicycles should be registered with transportation

Employee Commuter Benefits

If you commute to campus by bus, bike, carpool or walk, you are eligible for commuter benefits! Benefits, eligibility and rules are located here:

Getting to Other Campuses

Main Campus or Centennial – The Wolfline Bus, FREE

Places to Get Food & Drink

Wolve’s Den

Open 7:30 am – 2 pm Fresh, made-to-order lunch options including salads, wraps, paninis and a rotating chef’s special. Vegetarian and Vegan items also available.

Port City Java

Open 7:30 am – 3 pm Signature coffee beverages, pure-fruit smoothies, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, wraps, pastries, muffins and bagels.

Dining All Campuses


Instructions for ordering online for on-campus locations

Vending Machines / Microwaves etc.

Food/Drinks: there are vending machines in Wolve’s Den Cafeteria. Food areas include sitting areas, microwaves, refrigerators and kettle are in the hallway space between sections.