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Dedicated to advancing animal and human health from the cellular level through entire ecosystems.


Center of Medical Excellence

The NC State College of Veterinary Medicine is where compassion meets science. Our mission, is to advance the veterinary profession and animal health through ongoing discovery and medical innovation; provide animals and their owners with extraordinary, compassionate medical care; and prepare the next generation of veterinarians and veterinary research scientists.

Our world-leading faculty and clinicians are at the forefront of interdisciplinary biomedical innovation, conducting solution-driven research that defines the interconnections between animal and human health.

The College is fully accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education. The last evaluation was conducted in 2014.

Our mission is to enhance animal and human health through innovative discovery and education.”

Headshot of D. Paul Lunn

D. Paul Lunn
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
NC State University

World Class Education

Veterinary education is the most vital obligation of the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, which is ranked as one of the top veterinary educational programs in North America.

As the national leader in experiential teaching and learning, we are training the next generation of skilled, compassionate veterinary health professionals equipped to serve the global community. DVM students develop key competencies necessary for success in private practice, industry, government, and academia. The curriculum includes instruction and practice in teamwork, client interactions, and public communication as well as the development of interpersonal and organizational skills.

Solution Oriented

College research efforts involve some 100-faculty members from 25 disciplines working with more than 20 animal species. Researchers address critical issues in biomedical, agricultural, and biological sciences through experimental approaches and techniques ranging from basic discovery in molecular biology.

The goal of the research program is to improve the health and wellness of animals and humans by facilitating the practical application of scientific discoveries and provide solutions to problems of particular importance to North Carolina as well as address problems of importance to society at large.

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