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DVM Admission Mission

Mission Statement

Our selection process will employ clear, defensible admission procedures, with the goals of ensuring equity in access to education. The process will value prospective students’ diverse experiences and academic preparation. The process will be data-driven and aligned with the overall mission of the CVM.

Vision Statement

The admissions committee envisions an admission process that employs a selection process that is fair and equitable.

Faculty Committee on Admissions

It is the responsibility of this committee to recommend policy and admission criteria for admitting candidates to the professional veterinary program. This committee shall also recommend, to the faculty, preprofessional course requirements relevant to the program in general. Faculty will decide courses of action in preprofessional curricular requirements on the basis of committee review. Additionally, the committee is responsible for regular review of admission procedures and for making regular reports of committee actions to the faculty.

Committee Members:

  • Each department will have four (4) members on the committee (total of twelve (12) members from three (3) departments)
  • One (1) member will be the President of the NCVMA or his/her designee, and one (1) member will be President-elect of the NCVMA or his/her designee or immediate past President of the NCVMA or his/her designee.
  • One (1) representative will be from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • One (1) representative will be from the College of Sciences
  • One (1) representative will be from the North Carolina Association of Minority Veterinarians
  • One (1) representative will be an alumnus of NC State CVM; One (1) member-at-large will be from the University of North Carolina system; two (2) members-at-large will be from NC State, including but not limited to faculty from other colleges and staff from CVM, and (three) 3 members of CVM Academic Affairs.