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Center for Comparative Medicine and Translational Research

Research Core: Biological Barriers

Focused on the pathogenetic mechanisms of disease in epithelium lining the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and reproductive tracts. Areas of focus include signal transduction events and molecules related to ion and fluid transport and secretion, interactions of epithelium with extracellular matrix and with inflammatory cells, and mechanisms of epithelial hyperplasia and metaplasia.

Specific areas of research include:

  • Mechanisms of exocytotic secretion of mucus in health and disease using in vitro and in vivo approaches, including induced and naturally-occurring animal models.
  • Mechanisms of ion and fluid transport across gastrointestinal epithelium in health and disease.
  • Mechanisms governing mucosal response to inflammatory and injurious stimuli, including interactions between multiple mucosal cell types and the extracellular matrix.
  • Mechanisms of neutrophil adhesion and activation during mucosal compromise.
  • Mechanisms of airway epithelial injury, repair and development of goblet cell hyperplasia and metaplasia using in vitro and induced in vivo models of inflammatory airway disease.
  • Nutritional determinants of enteric disease states as they relate to mucosal injury and repair.
  • Mechanisms of gastrointestinal injury and repair focused on epithelial restitution.