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Centennial Biomedical Campus

A research, advanced technology, and academic knowledge
enterprise zone bringing together university,
industry, and government partners.

A Different Kind of Research Park 

Anchored by the College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University’s 250-acre Centennial Biomedical Campus (CBC) is an extension of NC State’s Centennial Campus.  The Centennial concept sets the  standard for mixed-used university property — property that combines lab and office space with college classrooms, living quarters and recreational opportunities. Our philosophy is: Live. Work. Learn. Play. All in one location. It’s an ideal environment for business.

The Centennial Biomedical Campus is also home to the NC State Veterinary Hospital, more than 60 corporate and government partners, and 73 academic units. The Centennial Biomedical Campus emphasizes partnership and is designed to bring academia, government and industry together. The focus of enterprise on this campus is on biomedical applications, both to animals and humans. 

Ideal Environment for Research Partnership

NC State University is a national leader in genomic sciences and in the development of nanotechnologies, biosensors, and imaging modalities. These new developments need to be applied to animal systems. The Centennial Biomedical Campus will foster such applications through collaborations amongst the College’s of Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture and Life Sciences, Engineering, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Natural Resources and Textiles.

This is an ideal location for companies interested in partnering with NC State University to further their research and product development in the biomedical area. The Centennial Biomedical Campus provides opportunities for industry and government researchers, entrepreneurs, clinical trial companies, as well as collaborations with other universities to work side by side with faculty and students at the College of Veterinary Medicine. These partnerships lead to greater utilization of our animal care, testing, and high-tech imaging facilities as well as accelerating the pace of technology transfer. 

State-of-the-Art Facilities

World-class veterinary hospital, innovative teaching facilities, high-tech research labs, even electric car charging stations and a new state-of-the-art research library.

Amenities Designed for 21st Century Work …and Play

Centennial Campus is what innovation in the 21st century should look like — collaborative and collegial. But don’t take our word for it. Come and visit. See for yourself what sets us apart and why we’d be a great place for your enterprise.