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College of Veterinary Medicine Computer Recommendation

The College of Veterinary Medicine’s minimum recommendations for existing computers do not differ from the general recommendations of NC State University. However, for those considering the purchase of a new computer we recommend a laptop/tablet computer that aligns with the College of Engineering specifications and offer the following suggestions:

Learning Style Quiz  Before choosing a laptop or a tablet, please consider your preferred learning styles. A laptop might be best if you are a verbal or reflective learner, are a fast typist and are very comfortable with a mouse.  A tablet might be best if you are a visual or active learner, need to take notes and draw diagrams to learn, or have a slower typing style.

Recommended Software

For Macintosh Users

  • OS – Latest Mac OS (currently 10.9.x Mavericks)
  • MS Office 2011 (available through the NCSU Bookstore)
  • For Macintosh Users Comprehensive endpoint security product such as Symantec or McAfee that will protect against all current malware threats
  • Google Chrome recommended browser (free download)

Additional Purchase Recommendations

  • Upgrade Memory to 8 GB or more for improved performance
  • Optical Drive for CD/DVD reading and burning
  • External Hard Drive for backing up your data
  • 4 year Warranty
  • 4 year Accidental Damage Protection and 2nd battery

Student Bookstore purchasing site