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Teresa DeFrancesco, DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC

Professor, Cardiology and ICU Critical Care

Office: 919.513.6495

Dr. DeFrancesco earned her DVM degree from Cornell University and is board certified in Cardiology and Emergency/Critical Care Medicine. She has worked at NC State Veterinary Hospital since 1992 when she started her cardiology residency with Drs. Keene and Atkins. Dr. “D”, as most know her, has received numerous teaching and clinical service awards over the years. When not in the clinics, Dr. D enjoys spending time with her family. She is married and has two adorable children. She is fluent in Spanish and a loyal servant to her dogs, Buddy and Daisy. She loves to unwind in a weekly Yoga class and by walking the dogs, bird watching, reading, cooking and traveling.
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care
Spontaneous Animal Disease Models
The vast majority of my research is clinically oriented. The two most recent research foci are understanding feline heartworm disease and delay of progression to heart failure in dogs with degenerative valvular disease.

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  • (2007) Prospective clinical evaluation of an ELISA B-type natriuretic peptide assay in the diagnosis of congestive heart failure in dogs presenting with cough or dyspnea.DeFrancesco TC, Rush JE, Rozanski EA, Hansen BD, Keene BW, Moore DT, Atkins CE. | J Vet Intern Med 2007 Mar-Apr; 21(2):243-250.
  • (2006) Coil occlusion of residual shunts after surgical closure of patent ductus arteriosus.Fujii Y, Keene BW, Mathews KG, Atkins CE, Defrancesco TC, Hardie EM, Wakao Y. | Vet Surg 2006 Dec; 35(8):781-785.
  • (2002) Relationship between hydration estimate and body weight change after fluid therapy in critically ill dogs and catsHansen BD, DeFrancesco T. | J Vet Emerg Crit Care 2002 Dec; 12(4):235-243.